Turquoise Trading Post
Turquoise Trading Post

6103 Burnet Road @ Koenig Lane Austin, Texas 78757 512/323-5011 

Besides jewelry, fetishes, and pottery we have a lot of other great stuff to fill up the store and help you with gift giving and in putting a Native/Southwest look in your home.

Wall art- orignals, prints and giclees. Many distinctive metal wall pieces. Navajo sand paintings. Plus turquoise covered cow skulls, long horns, crosses, speciality hand made clay wall art, hand carved wood (with lots of animal figures), plush stuffed animal heads, and Navajo made articles like bows, quivers, gun cases, fans, pipes, raddles, hand axes, and talking sticks.

Dream catchers- we have a wide selection of Native made dream catchers. 2,4,6,8,and 10 inch sizes.

Katsina/kachina dolls- we carry Navajo and Hopi dolls in a variety of sizes. Also, many Shalakos from a foot tall to five  feet tall.

Decorative items- candle holders, incense, wine bottle holders, place mats, table runners, baskets, coasters, bath items, picture frames, wood boxes, ironwood figures, sculpture, lamps, nite lights, clocks, animal skins, cowhide rugs, woven wool rugs. switch plate covers, and just lots of great stuff.

Minnetonka moccasins- we have a nice selection of men and women's styles and sizes in stock. We order every Sunday and shipments arrive on Friday. So you can have your special order in a week. Minnetonka makes the very best moccasin, so comfy.

The Mountain T-shirts- super quaity shirts adult M-3X

Greeting cards, music, books and more can be found at Turquoise Trading Post.

We finally have products from Pendleton Woolen Mills. We have the great wool blankets . Pendleton produces quality products, you'll enjoy owning.