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Zuni Fetish Carvings

Zuni fetishes are animal carvings that have been used by the Zuni Pueblo People for over a thousand years. By honoring the animals and acknowledging their special powers, similar attributes may be summoned within their keeper. Fetishes are sometimes used that way today. By carrying one with us or placing it on a bedside table we can focus on the qualities we have that are like a certain animal. Whether you want to discover, enhance or simply remember that special connection with nature is up to you. Each of us has our own reason for taking care of a fetish. The Zuni people believe that is the spirit from within the fetish that is of value, not the object itself. While ceremonial fetishes are treated in carefully proscribed ways by the Zuni, no strict guidelines apply to non-ceremonial fetishes. The Post does not possess or sell ceremonial objects of any kind. Therefore, treating your fetish and the spirit it represents with respect is all you need to do.

The Animal and Its Spirit

Armadillo-Home keeper, inner guidance, clarity, newness, gets things right, including new choices

Badger-Aggressiveness, single-mindedness, passion, control, persistence in the service of a mission

Bear-Strength, good medicine, introversion, communication between humans and Spirit

Beaver-Builder with a strong sense of family & home, works well in group situations, keeper of the waterways

Buffalo-Endurance, emotional courage, provider, understanding of survival necessities

Butterfly- Beauty, transformation, rebirth

Coyote-Self-centeredness, crazy wisdom, buffoonery, humor, laughter, puppet of the gods

Deer-Ability to sacrifice for the higher good, power of gratitude & giving, moderation

Dolphin-Trust, loyalty, spirit of friendship

Eagle-Great power & balance, dignity with grace, ability to see the "big picture", loyalty

Falcon-Power & harmony, grace achieved through knowledge & hard work

Fish-Purifier, character, ability to hide emotions

Fox-Cleverness, loyalty & protectiveness of family & friends, observational skills

Frog-Our primordial cousin, fertility, a reminder of common bonds with all of life

Horned Toad-Conservator of native beauty, self-reliance, longevity

Horse-Power, expanding one's own potential, control of the environment, speed

Hummingbird- Energy, joy

Lizard- Patience, wisdom

Mole-Connection with the energies of the earth, love expressed in nature, sensitivity

Mountain Lion-Personal power, high standards, leadership, courage, dedication, steadfastness

Owl-The medicine of sorcery, link between the dark, unseen world & the world of light, wise

Rabbit-Playful "trickster", paradox & contradiction, example of living by one's wits

Ram-Personal self-worth, ability to sacrifice for the greater good, appreciation of balance

Raven-Magic & sorcery, courage & comfort with the darkness, transformational powers

Seal-Family oriented, possesses power in numbers

Sheep-Charity, elegance, passion, best at the arts,

Snake-Exploration of the mysteries of life, primitive energy, personification of lightning

Squirrel-Natural intelligence, saver

Turtle-Symbol of the earth, home and reliability, tenacity, self-reliance,

Wolf-Loyalty, insight & revelation, social & familial values, instinct linked with intelligence