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Trading Post Hours: 10am-6:30pm Monday-Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm Friday-Saturday noon-5:00pm Sunday


Turquoise Trading Post opened in August 1994.  Not only was the space small but the inventory was small too.  The dreams for the future were big as were the smiles on our faces when the first customer walked in the little Post. Things have changed a lot since we were in that 1,100 square foot space. Today we have 3,600 square feet and a lot more inventory. One example of how we've grown is: in 1994 we had 12 rings - today over 1,900.

All the jewelry in Turquoise Trading Post is Native American made.  We have work from hundreds of Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santa Domingo silversmiths and jewelers.  New jewelry arrives each week.  We want our customers to have a wide selection and our selection is the best in Texas.  Most of our jewelry is one of a kind pieces so you won't see a lot of individual pictures on this site.  We're happy to email you some pictures of items your interested in purchasing. 

While over half our sales are jewelry we do have many other items in the store.  We have pottery from Santa Clara Pueblo, Zuni Pueblo, Acoma Pubelo,  Navajo Mesa Verde style pottery, Navajo horse hair pottery and Navajo sand painted pottery.  We have a collection of Navajo and Hopi kachinas. Plus all kinds of Navajo made artifacts: pipes, bows/arrows, rifle cases, quivers, dance sticks, rattles, lances, bone knives and talking sticks.  Almost forgot the flutes, Navajo rugs and sand paintings.

One of the best collections in the Trading Post are our Zuni fetish carvings.  We have several hundred carvings from over a hundred different carvers.  We realy enjoy showing our customers the fetishes, it's so much fun.  Each year we have a carver come to the Post from Zuni Pueblo to demonstrate and show their work to our many fetish collectors.

We also carry a wide selection of decorative items with a Native and Southwest flair.  Including many different styles of wall hangings, art, candle holders, ironwood figures, place mats, table runners, mugs, night lights, coasters, welcome signs, wood boxes, incense, Minnetonka mocassins, cotton thows, purses, billfolds, baskets, hundreds of greeting cards, CD's, and just lots of great stuff.  Most of these items are not Native made. 

Something new- we have a blog at turquoisejim.tmblr.com . We have a lot of jewelry pictures plus just stuff about the world of Turquoise Trading Post.

Have a question? Need some information? Email us at:   information@TexasTTP.com